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    Which Action + setup for creating a Button

      Good day,


      I have the following issue. I made a chart, containing the script below.


      TRACE ### Verzoeken Verplichting Type 204;

      SQL SELECT FreeguidField_01 as Verplichting_ID_Verzoek,

      FreeBoolField_01 AS Verplichting_204,

      Case when FreeBoolField_01 = '1' Then 'Lopende Verplichting Afgeboekt' ELSE 'Openstaande Verplichtingen' END as Verplichting_PV,

      RelatedRequestID as Verplichting_Aanvraag_ID

      FROM Synergy.dbo.Absences

      Where type in (204)



      It works perfect and I can select 'Lopende Verplichting Afgeboekt' or 'Openstaande Verplichtingen'


      Instead of the selection box, I would like to create a button with only the selection of 'Openstaande Verplichtingen'


      I tried several Actions in the setup of a new button, but somehow none works.


      Can someone help me with this?


      Thanks in advance!