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    ErrorMode not working with missing of single quote

      Hello experts,

      I have a scenario, please refer to my below script.


      SET ErrorMode = 0;



      LOAD * INLINE [

          EmpID, Name, Dept

          4405, James, Sales

          4408, David, Finance

          4412, Bobby, HR

          4420, Chan, Sales

          4438, Mike, Human Resource

          4456, Volker, Sales



      SET vHRFilter = "Match(Dept,HR','Human Resource')";



      LOAD EmpID,

        Name as HRUser

      Resident Employees Where $(vHRFilter);


      Let vError = Num(ScriptError) &' - '& ScriptErrorDetails;


      I have also attached the same qlikview file here for your easy reference.


      The actual Match case should be Match(Dept,'HR','Human Resource'); but for testing I purposely skipped the open single quote for HR. By right the SciprtErrorDetails should capture this error, but it is not. Is it a know QlikView issue? Any idea how to over come this kind of scenario? Does it need hot fixes from QlikTech Consultants?

      All you valuable suggestions are most welcome.


      Thanks in advance.