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    Expression Label not displaying correctly

      Calendar MonthYear-PeriodFinancial YearFinancial PeriodMonthPeriod-MonthMonth Index
      Jan-142014-920149Jan9 - Jan24177
      Feb-142014-10201410Feb10 - Feb24178
      Mar-142014-11201411Mar11 - Mar24179
      Apr-142014-12201412Apr12 - Apr24180
      May-142015-120151May1 - May24181
      Jun-142015-220152Jun2 - Jun24182
      Jul-142015-320153Jul3 - Jul24183
      Aug-142015-420154Aug4 - Aug24184
      Sep-142015-520155Sep5 - Sep24185
      Oct-142015-620156Oct6 - Oct24186
      Nov-142015-720157Nov7 - Nov24187
      Dec-142015-820158Dec8 - Dec24188




      In the table above , I have Calendar Month linked to our financial year and period. The month index is calculated by taken Financial Year x 12 + Financial Period.  So for eg, Sept 14 , the month index = (2015 x 12) + 5 =  24185.


      In my variable overview , i have created a max (MonthIndex) and called it vMaxMI.   In my expression label, if i say =vMaxMI, then the result is 24185.  However,  if i want to display the Calendar Month (ie  Sept 14), I have tried :

      if ([Month Index] = vMaxMI, [Calendar Month]) , but this does not work.  I have tried several other variations, but still no success.


      Please can you help.




      kind regards