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    Qlik Sense API

    Daniel Göhler



      is there anything out there how to use the new Qlik Sense API and/or Qlik Sense Desktop API?


      • Integration in 3th Party .NET-Apps
        • In that 3th Party .NET-Apps: Show a Worksheet or a Part of an Worksheet
        • Setting Filter of that shown Workshow etc.
      • Calling the API from Outside
        • Set the Import Script and hit Report
      • How to create a custom connector for 3th Party data sources, which has no OLE DB or ODBC interface
      • There are several DLLs in QlikSense.NetSDK.1.0.0.zip, but no Documentation? Is there any?


      I only found some examples on http://blog.axc.net/.


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      Update 2014-09-17 21:23:

      Thanks to Johan Tejle I found, what I looking for. For those how might looking for it: