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    Who should be trained and how much?

      Hi there,


      My name is David and I’m completely new to QlikView. I was recently hired by a large British organisation (4,500 employees) and I’m handling a few projects for them. Previously I have only managed small web development operations.


      The organisation has recently purchased 10 Named User CALs, 62 Doc CALs and 1 Enterprise Server (with Publisher). It’s now my job to do the rest and what I’m most concerned about right now is training.


      We have a Data Warehouse team that handles the (many) systems that the organisation relies on. They collect data from many sources (the systems we have don’t talk to each other) and make it available to the Reporting team, which takes care of producing graphs and reports for anyone who needs them (executives, regulatory bodies, downstream management, etc…).


      We have discussed the idea of training two people from the Data Warehouse to handle the load script/data modelling/back end side of things; they are both excellent programmers. Three people from Reporting would also be trained and they would pick up the initial Data Warehouse work to make it into a finished dashboard. Of these three people, two are good Excel users but don’t have much programming experience, while the third has a good grasp on SQL.


      As I have no previous experience with the platform I'm really not sure of what the right choice is! Do you think we are going about it the right way? Any thoughts?


      Many thanks,