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    Aggr + Set Analysis in Product's Stock Calculation


      I'm working on a report wich should show stock information.

      It contains Information about Stores, Price Range, and a Grouping attribute based on the product category.

      The idea is that you can input how many units of a Product you need to send to a Store.

      One of the aggregations i'm trying to calculates is the total of products Aggregated by Category, Store and PriceRange.

      The problem is that it only works properly when I select a Store. When there are no Selections, it doesn't show the right numbers.

      I'm using the next expression (as I need it to repeat the aggregated stock values in every row):

      aggr(nodistinct max(TOTAL STOCK), CATEGORY, STORE, PRICE RANGE) + Aggr(nodistinct InputSum(SEND), CATEGORY, STORE, PRICE RANGE).

      Thanks in advance!