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    Qlik View in Sharepoint

      Hi Team,


      This is Gomathy Shankar,I want to integrate qlikview application/document i.e. qvw files in sharepoint webapplication.I have researched a lot in web and then i came to know that in order to integrate qlikview in sharepoint,there are two options one is through Qlik View webparts,other is through workbench.My question is

      1.What are the software requirements I need to complete this?

      2.Should I need to purchase QlikView Enterprise Edition with license?

      3.If implementing through webparts,Should I need QlikView Webparts License too?is it additional license?

      4.If implementing through workbench,Should I need to purchase QlikView Workbench License for Sharepoint?

      5.Can we accomplish this requirement with QlikView Personal Edition ie without license?Is it possible?I think no......


      Overall what iam trying to ask is simple,what are all the software requirements needed?


      I have searched a lot in web,but i didnt get the complete crispy document to accomplish this task.

      Please help me by providing the step by step documentation for installing the software's and also for QlikView Applications integration in sharepoint webapplications(both approach via QlikView Webparts via workbench).


      Thankyou very much in prior for taking time to read my question.Anticipating best and valuable responses from your side.


      With Kind Regards,

      Gomathy Shankar M