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    Is there a live instructor in virtual training?

      Hello.  I am thinking of signing up for virtual training but I would prefer there still be some interaction.  Is there a live instructor available during virtual training to help answer my questions?  Can someone explain a bit more in detail about the experience  I would receive during a virtual classroom?

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          Kevin Hanegan

          Hi Rich,

          Yes, virtual training includes a live instructor, they are just virtual (remote) and not physically in front of you. The sessions are at a specific date and time and are synchronous. The instructor will deliver the lectures and demos via web conferencing software and then you will be given access to a hosted lab environment to complete the exercises. During this structured time, an instructor is online with you and the rest of the class. The duration of the class matches that of a classroom based training. So, if its a Designer course, it is still 2 days, but again not delivered physically in a classroom but in a live virtual classroom.

          Let me know if this helps clear up the delivery method.