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    Nisha Nangalia



      Can somebody please tell me more about ticketdata.pgo ?

      Also should all the 5 pgo files should have same timestamp ?




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          Giuseppe Novello

          Ticketdata.pgo is what basically keeps the session ticket of the users, all the PGO can have different timestamps within the same folder, BUT the backup PGO's ( C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer) and the live PGO's ( on the root folder) , must have the same timestamp( or 1 -2 minutes difference at least)



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            Fernando Keuroglian

            Hi Nish


            In .PGO files:

            • have all the CAL infos stored. From Server Manual :


            BorrowedCalData.pgo : Keeps track of borrowed Client Access Licenses (CALs).

            CalData.pgo : Keeps track of CALs.

            IniData.pgo : Coordinated version of Settings.ini.

            ServerCounters.pgo : Keeps track of statistics.

            TicketData.pgo : Keeps track of tickets.


            In .Shared files:

            • have data like bookmarks, objects or annotations created by users for each .qvw


            From Server Manual, .META file contains:

            • AccessPoint attributes
            • Pre-load options
            • Authorization (Document Metadata Service – that is, DMS – mode only)


            hope this helps!