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    Extension Development: How to resolve "Mismatched anonymous define() module"?

    Takeshi Takahashi

      Prerequisite: I've read the requirejs documentation, the Sense API documentation, and the other example extensions.


      I'm building an extension for Qlik Sense, and I keep getting the below error when viewing my app from the browser (Chrome). My extension works as intended on the Desktop client.


      Error: Mismatched anonymous define() module: function () {

              return e



          at makeError (http://localhost:4848/resources/js/external/requirejs/require.js?1410305350795:6:1016)

          at r (http://localhost:4848/resources/js/external/requirejs/require.js?1410305350795:6:4585)

          at Object.f [as require] (http://localhost:4848/resources/js/external/requirejs/require.js?1410305350795:6:10850)

          at requirejs (http://localhost:4848/resources/js/external/requirejs/require.js?1410305350795:6:14183)

          at k (http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/client/client.js??1410305350795:60:7527)

          at ExtensionType.b.extend.load (http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/client/client.js??1410305350795:60:10926)

          at Object.e.setType (http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/client/client.js??1410305350795:60:1128)

          at http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/client/client.js??1410305350795:60:1278

          at l (http://localhost:4848/resources/js/external/requirejs/require.js?1410305350795:43:17748)

          at l (http://localhost:4848/resources/js/external/requirejs/require.js?1410305350795:43:17748)


      I'm basing my extension off some of the paradigms from the Angular and Peoplechart example extensions. Namely, I'm separating the painting logic from the properties, keeping them in separate JS files. I'm also calling some other helper JS and CSS files in the main define() module, but it all seems to be just extending the paradigms in the documentation and the examples.


      Has anyone else run into this and resolved it?