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    Display options: link to another tab

    Niccolo Rossi

      Hi guys,

      I am using a table with several expressions. One of these expression needs to be a link to another QV tab in the same file.

      How can i set this in the expressions?

      Also i need to show an icon in that table cell, and when I one the new tab, I need to show the information of the agent of that specific line. So basically when i click on Mike's icon box, another tab open with values related to Mike.


      Here is what my table looks like:

      AgentsalesLink to other tab



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          Charles Spencer

          You can add links to straight tables to open URLs to websites; but you should also be able to add an image and add an action which activates the other tab. I am unsure how to make the link Dynamic allowing you to click Mikes link and have a tab come up with Mike's information. You may be able to add a trigger that when the image is clicked it makes a selection on the fields necessary on the new tab to show mikes information. That may be trickier.

          Unsure if i have made that clear or if it is confusing.

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            Charles Spencer

            Also, if the number of people are small and not always changing it could be done hard coded, but that is not ideal. And in order to get images for each sales person into the table, they would have to be associated to the sales person either by adding the image to a new column in your load script or an inline table that associates to your sales person.

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              Charles Spencer

              Well, i am actually unsure now. I know you could load links into say an excel spreadsheet and add them as an expression/dimension and they would be clickable links; and you can use buttons or text boxes to have actions to trigger another tab. I am not sure if there is a way to combine these two methods to achieve what you are looking for.