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    In the Script: What is the equivalent of Total of a chart

    Simon Brulotte


      I have a simple table.


      Issuer number, cost

      ABC          ,   100

      DEF          ,  300




      I want to create a third field that is Cost/total cost,


      ABC would be 100/400

      DEF would be 300/400



      How do I get my 400?


      My script as it stands, but obviously not working...
      sum(VAL_RPT.COST) as  R_OPPQC_00020_COST,
      Sum(Total (VAL_RPT.COST)) as  R_OPPQC_00020_Total,
      resident VAL_RPT_R230A
      where VAL_RPT.VAL_DATE = '$(vDate_Validation)'
      and Match (VAL_RPT.PORT_NO, 'P0000000101','P0000000136' )
      group by VAL_RPT.ISSUER_NO