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    QlikView Server in own domain connected to 2 other domains

    Jeroen Jordaan

      Hi All,


      In my daily job I'm a QlikView developer and designer.

      However no I'm involved in a installation question.


      This is not my specialty so I hope some of you can help me or point me in the wright direction.


      Below are the questions of the customer.


      1. There are two stores in two different countries with both there own domain (domain B and C). The QlikView Server will not be part of those domains

      2. The QlikView Server will be in a different Domain (Domain A) and needs to fetch data from both domains (Domain B and C)

      3. User in all domains (Domain A, B and C) will use QlikView

      4. Between the 3 Domains (A,B and C) there will be no trusted relation.


      Is the above possible?

      Thank you all in advance