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    Data Model Issue

    Ankur Akash



      I have created a data model for which I sought your opinion and solution. Snapshot is posted below.

      I have to add additional two tables to the data model. The issue is: if I add these tables it has common fields and will create synthetic key.


      Sharing the structure of two tables:

      1) Web_Auth

      2) Web_Staging


      Structure of both tables mentioned below:


      1. //Web_Auth:
        //LOAD TAX_PAYER_NO,
        //     USERID,
        //     CREATE_DATE  (Required field - Date filter required.)

        2. //Web_Staging:          
      //LOAD // E_FILE_NO,
      //    TAX_TYPE_NO,   (required field)
      //   TAX_PAYER_NO,  (required field)
      //   CREATED_DATE,  (required field)



      I think linking would be a solution but I am not getting close to the solution. It would be of great help if QlikView Experts can guide me through steps that I need to take to include the above tables in the data model.



      Ankur Akash