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    Condition in back ground scripting

      Hi.  Below is an extract of my scripting.

      Its basically bringing  Sales quantity, Sales Value, Cost of Sales per Item per per Customer per Month.




      [Sales Qty],

      [Financial Year],
      [Calendar Month],
      [Item Code],
      [Customer Code]



      [\\ELL-QVW-001\Qlikview\Qlikview Models\QVD\Pol - ELLDAT\Transactions.qvd]


      In our data source, there were certain values which was incorrectly process and therefore i want to correct this in the scripting.


      For eg, say,  Item Code, ABC,  in Calendar month, Jan 2014 , Customer , 'John Smith',  the Cost of Sales (COS) was incorrectly processed by an extra $40 000.  How do i create a script that decrease the Cost of Sales by $40 000 for this item for that month.


      Is this correct?   If ([item Code]='ABC' and Calendar Month='Jan 2014' and Customer Code='John Smith', [COS]= -40000)


      or do i use a 'where statement' at the end?



      kind regards