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    show null as value

      Hi guys,

      can you tell me it is possible to show null als 0?

      I have years, months and amount. with there dim like customer and region. ->sum(amount)

      My intention is to create a chart with the rolling months or Years+Months - for showing the trend of  a Dim..

      for example: Trend from Customer X fron year 2012 - 2014.

      The problem here is, if I uncheck surpress null and check: show all values- it shows every year/month// rollingmonth that is in my database..



      the only way that I achieved is a chart with 1DIM (Months)-> there it shows the 0 as

      But I need to show the trend over years in months.


      How can I realize that ? and Where: in Scripting or BackEnd in Expressions..?


      I would like to achieve this but with all months, not only where is an amount..



      like this

      but with the 0 in the years.. not seperated