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    how get fields from two tables using Resident Load

      Hi Friends,


      I have two table


      Table 1  Table 2

      A            Z        

      B            X

      C            Y


      Now I have to create a new table taking values from Table1 and Table2


      Can I use Resident Load for this



        • Re: how get fields from two tables using Resident Load
          Mark Manders

          You probably want to use a CONCATENATE or JOIN statement?

          When you have loaded tables 1 and 2  (using FROM statement), you can use RESIDENT after that, since they are present in memory.


          Might be something like this ....


          [Table 1]:

          LOAD * FROM [Table 1 ...];


          [Table 2]:

          LOAD * FROM [Table 2 ...];


          [Table 3]:


          LOAD * RESIDENT [Table 1 ...];

          <CONCATENATE / JOIN>

          LOAD * RESIDENT [Table 2 ...];

          DROP TABLES [Table 1], [Table 2];


          Don't forget the NOCONCATENATE in the sample above, or else the data from Table 1 is loaded twice in Table 1. QV recognizes that Table 1 and the resident load from Table 1 have exactly the same build, so they will be concatenated automatically, unless you use the NOCONCATENATE statement first.