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    login pass released speed

    Alexander Korsikov

      I already asked this question in the beta community. But did not see an answer to it, because community immediately closed.

      Question regarding the calculation of the rate released spent login access passes.

      For simplicity, take the number  multiples of 28. There is a pool login access passes of 28 passes. During the day, spent 8 passes. left 20 passesIn the evening, we add 28 more passes in this pool.

      In this case, the speed with which will be spent to recover missing?

      If on the number of passes at the time when they were spent (28) then it will speed 1 pass per day.

      If in the event relative to the current number of passes (56) that the recovery rate will be 2 passes per day.



      Which option is correct?

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Alex -


          My understanding is that Login passes - will renew themselves every 28 days. If 100 login passes are used on day 1, those 100 will be available once again on day 29.


          See these videos and help link in addition:




          Qlik Sense Platform - Token Licensing and Assigning Access Passes

            Part of the Platform series


          And this one:


          Qlik Sense Enterprise Server - Qlik Management Console Token Licensing / Login Access Pass – Part 3

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          The main video page is here for the platform:


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          Please let us know and please mark the appropriate replies as helpful / correct so our team and other members know that your question(s) has been answered to your satisfaction.




          Mike T


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              Alexander Korsikov

              Hi Michael

              I think that you misunderstood me. My arguments are based on the fact that the login pass is similar to Usage CAL in QlikView

              I found a good description of the restoration of the Pass


              "n" Usage CAL

              → From the following day, n/28 numbers of Usage CAL will be recovered

              → After 28 days, "n" numbers of CAL is recovered and available to use



              Usage CAL count example

              1. eg.1:Let's assume you have 1 Usage CAL. You used it and the counter starts.

              → After 1 day, counter becomes 1/28. After 2 days, counter becomes 2/28. After 5 days, counter becomes 5/28.........After 28 dyas, counter becomes 28/28. At this count(28 day period has passed), 1 CAL is recovered.


              1. eg.2:Let's assume you have 5 Usage CAL. You used all and the counter starts.

              → After 1 day, counter becomes 5/28. After 2 days, counter becomes 10/28. After 6 days, counter becomes 30/28(Available 1 Usage CAL at this point)............After 28 days, counter becomes 140/28. At this point(28 day period has passed), 5 CAL is recovered.


              Have "n=28" Login pass

              Your used 8 login pass.

              eg1. After 1 day, counter becomes 28/28 (Available 1 Login pass at this point). After 2 days, counter becomes 56/28 - 2 Login pass are recovered. We need 8 days to recover all login passes that were spent

              eg2, In 1 day we add more login pass in pool and have n+n=56 login pass pool. Then  after 1 day counter becomes 56/28= 2 (recovered 2 login pass). After 2 days, counter becomes 112/28  (4 login pass recovered). Needed 4 days to recover all login passes that were spent.


              Attention to the issue. Is it fair to my statement is described in the eg2?

              Possible by the addition of login pass in the pool to accelerate recover spent passes.

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                  Joe Bickley

                  Hi Alexander,


                  Although there are some similarities, the Login Access mechanism in Qlik Sense is not directly comparable to Usage CALs in QlikView.


                  Each login pass has its own 28 day cycle after use, there are no fractions of return like in QlikView. For example..


                  you assign 10 tokens to give 100 access passes


                  day 1 - you use 6 and have 94 remaining

                  day 2 - you use 8 and have 86 remaining

                  day 3 - you use 4 and have 82 remaining

                  ...  (assume we use no more)

                  day 28 - you have 82 remaining

                  day 29 - you get 6 back from day 1 and have 88 remaining

                  day 30 - you get 8 back from day 2 and have 96 remaining

                  day 31 - you get 4 back from day 3 and have 100 remaining