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      Good afternoon All,


      For the life of me I just can't seem to get this code to work, I am getting the error syntax error/missing/misplaced... The code is:





      LOAD Distinct [Grower No.]as Temp_Grower_No

      Resident [Sales Data];

      Concatenate ([Sales Data])

      LOAD Distinct

      [Grower No.],

      '-' as Date,

           '-' as [Week Day],

           '-' as Year,

           '-' as[Sales No.],

           '-' as [Grower No.],

           '-' as Name,

           '-' as Bales,

           '-' as Kgs,

           '-' as [$/Kg],

           '-' as [Sales(Gross)],

           '-' as Deductions,

           '-' as [Sales(Net)],

           '-' as [Loan Repayment],

           '-' as Payment,

           '-' as [Estimated Kg],

           '-' as [Estimated O/S Kgs],

           '-' as [Sales(Gross) to Date],

           '-' as [Hessian & Credits to Date],

           '-' as [Loan($)],

           '-' as [Deductions (& Debits) to Date],

           '-' as [Payments to Date],

           '-' as [Balance to Pay],

           '2014' as Season

      Resident [Farmer Data]

      Where NOT Exists(Temp_Grower_No,[Grower No.]);


      DROP Table Temp_Grower_No;


      Any help appreciated