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    Authentication loop behind a Reverse Proxy

      Hi all,

      I am facing an issue here where I am prompted for my credentials all the time when using the access point. The architecture is as follows :


      Internet -> Reverse proxy translating the URL -> QVWS on 1 machine, QVS + QDS on another machine


      When using to access the Access Point internally (that is before going through the reverse proxy) everything works fine. However when using the friendly URL and therefore going through the reverse proxy, I am being authenticated, I can see and open the dashboards as expected, but I am being re-prompted for my credentials.


      I have used the developer tools in my browser to track what’s going on under the hood and the pattern is the same :

      • Credentials prompt
      • 7 objects are loaded (images, logos, etc)
      • Credentials prompt
      • 7 other objects loaded
      • Etc


      Any idea?

      Thanks a lot !