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    Store an expression in a variable, with parameters

      Hi there,


      I'm facing an inconvenient issue. I have 4 gauge charts, with the same expression. The only difference between all of them, is a value in a set analysis condition. This value is fixed and different in every chart.

      The thing is, if I want to change something in the expression, I have to do it for all the 4 charts; so 4 times the same change.


      I was thinking of storing the expression in a variable, and affecting this variable in my charts. So if I want to change my expression, I do it only once, and it's appplied in the 4 charts.


      My problem concerns the fixed value in the set analysis condition. Is there a way to indicate in the expression (stored in the variable) that the value is not fixed, and when I affect the variable in the chart, I give a kind of parameter, which is the value, different in the 4 charts?



      • 1st Chart expression:

      Sum({$<Category={1}>} Price)

      • 2nd Chart expression:

      Sum({$<Category={2}>} Price)

      • 3rd Chart expression:

      Sum({$<Category={3}>} Price)

      • ...


      Let's say I store this expression in a variable:

      vPrices = Sum({$<Category={1}>} Price)


      Do you guys have an idea how to indicate my Category value as a dynamic parameter, and affect vPrices for each chart with a different value every time?


      Thanks in advance,