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    how to use < and > in set analysis

    Andrea Gigliotti


      I have the expression below:


      Sum( {< DATA_MOV = {'>=$(=AddMonths(Min( TOTAL <YearMonth> DATA_MOV), -11))'} >} TOTAL ValMov)


      and the dimension "YearMonth".


      It seems that the Min function returns the minimum value of DATA_MOV  ignoring the <YearMonth> statement !


      In the same object I added the following expression:


      AddMonths(Min( TOTAL <YearMonth>  DATA_MOV), -11)


      and it works as expected!

      I need to use the same expression BUT inside SET ANALYSIS


      Is there a special syntax that I have to use to achieve it ?


      User = Password = algol

      Make a clear all before!