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    Error Handling Mechanism to verify all data files

    swetha Reddy

      Hi Friends,First time Listening Error Modes new to This can any one do needful,How to handle Error machanism in script .we will get data monthly data are placed in a Shared Folder of QMC job will run monthly.The following are Issues we need to addreess.

      Error Handling Mechanism in Dynamic way

      Step-1: Verify if file(s) is available.

      Step-2: Verify file extension, naming convention (.txt/.xlsx)

      Step-3: While uploading confirms:

      Columns: Customer ID, Prod Number, Order Date, RI Type, Amount should not have a NULL cell.

      If there is a NULL cell then Abort, Revert back and update log with failure details

      Else, upload the file and update log with success

      Move the processed file to a different folder

      Step-4: Was this the last file?

      - If No, move to next file and repeat steps 1-4

      - If yes, move to step 5

      Step-5: Inform user which were not uploaded