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    Hanging Extractor Connector Connection although data fully exported

    Tobias Vogt

      Hello to all,


      we are facing the following problem with SAP Extractor Connector Version 5.8 SR 1:

      To export data out of InfoCubes we've generated Export DataSources and export data via SAP Extractor Connector.



      Unfortunately, the trace window shows no progress and the script processing has been stopped.

      All relevant Data has been transfered to QV but the script still doesn't proceed until the connection ends with an TimeOut (after 60 Minutes which is the TimeoutData-Setting).


      The script has been successfully finished but on BW side:


      - the Status in /QTQVC/STATUS remains 'S' so repeating load will fail until changing or modifying status entry

      - the User remains logged on and repeating load would result additional entries in list of logged on users

      - Extended Memory will still be in use and not be released automatically


      The same issues occur after cleaning status table entries with status 'S' and after restart SAP Network Server - Service.

      Has anyone an idea how to solve this or hints to possible reasons for this behavior?


      Many thanks in advance for any hints.