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    Qlik Sense limitations

      Can you explain the following statement:

      • Qlik Sense Desktop is hardcoded to expire at December 31, 2014.


      Is it just that we will need to download the newer version however it will still be free?


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          Chip Matejowsky

          Hello Jose,

          What version of Sense is this? 0.96? If yes, you can download 1.0. Yes, it will be free.

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            Toni Kautto

            The beta releases will expire, since we want everyone to upgrade to a official release. I am not aware of the exact date when this will happen, but it is strongly recommended that you currently upgrade to Qlik Sense 1.0.


            As a side note Beta releases also expire in QlikView, so this is nothing unique for Qlik Sense.

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                Josh Good

                Just to add a bit more clarity.  Qlik Sense Desktop is set to expire to encourage our free users to stay on the most recent version of the software.  We plan to release updates several times a year and will give our uses lots of time to upgrade to the latest release.  At this time we plan to keep Qlik Sense Desktop completely free.


                Version 0.96 of Qlik Sense Desktop was not a beta.  It was giving that number so when the full Qlik Sense product was released everything would have the 1.0 version number.