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    HTTP Error 404 in QlikSense Management Console

    Jerry Tan

      Hi All,

      After I try to install the QlikSense Server and it is install successfully. But when I try to go QlikSense Management Console page, I get the error which is HTTP error 404 from the browsers (IE, Chrome and Firefox) as attached. All the service is up but don't know why I still can't go in to QMC page. Anyone have face the similar issues?

      Thanks and Regards,


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          Vegard Kamben

          Hi again Jerry. I had the same problem, and this was the reason that I reinstalled in the first place. I needed to check that i had entered the correct information. For me it was the user I had set up to run the Qlik Sense services, it was not set at local administrator on the server and hence it did not run the services with the proper permissions. The services was running and looked "ok". But did not work until i put the user running them into the local administrator group. I restarted services/server after this and the management console started working


          If this is not the case for you try looking at the requirements for the server and see If your environment is missing somethingQlik Sense 1.0 & 1.1 - System Requirements




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              Jerry Tan

              Hi Vegard,


              Thanks for your reply. I have checked the set up of QlikSense user is under local administrator group and also the system requirements. It is looking fine. But just wondering why it still can't work. Is it still have other reason to cause it?


              Thanks and Regards,


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                  Giuseppe Novello



                  1- Make sure that the Qlik Sense Repository Database service is running under "Local System".

                  2- Have you restarted the machine? Have you restarted the services?

                  3- Try to recreate Digital certificates:


                  1. Stop Qlik Sense Repository Service (this will also stop the other services)
                  2. Open Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Important: Run this as the account configured to run the services (Run as... )
                  3. Add snap-in for Certificates: My user account and Local Computer account
                  4. In Certificates - Current User > Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificates, delete the certificate created by QlikSense, issued by your computer, computer.domain-CA
                  5. In Certificates > Current User > Personal > Certificates, delete the certificate named QlikClient
                  6. In Certificates (Local Computer) > Personal > Certificates, delete the certificate issued by computer.domain-CA.
                  7. Start Qlik Sense Repository Service and verify it created the new certificates
                  8. Start the rest of the services


                  4- Make sure that Firewall are off.




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                Matteo Pavoni

                Hy, I have same problem.

                My configuration is Virtual Machine with Windows 2008 R2 (clean no QlikView Server installer)

                I installed Sense correctly but when start Management Console I this message


                Errore HTTP 404.0 - Not Found


                the strange thing is that in the physical path there is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\qmc\

                but in that path no have any directory.

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                  I've identified that another application is using HTTPS on port 443. I'm not able to change the default port for this particular application, so I would need to change this for Qlik Sense.

                  he WTServer Installer optimizes TCP/IP. One of the things it dose, frees ipv4 addresses in order to be used by nginx and restricts all other windows web servers to use only ipv6 addresses. This is required so that Nginx could coexist with other windows services.

                  To revert back, run in an elevated command prompt:

                  netsh http delete iplisten ipaddress=::