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    Macro - Opening an Excel File After Creation

    Rayna Curtis

      I have a macro that will export a chart to an Excel file, and I want the file to open on the screen afterwards.


      The code I am seeing everywhere around the internet is this (and I swear it's what I was using in Qlikview 8.5) but now that I am on QV 11, it does not seem to work.


      Code code code all the way to here setting tmpFile as the file path then:


      msgbox tmpFile


      obj.ExportEx tmpFile, 1

      Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")


      objExcel.Application.Visible = True


      Msgbox "Exported Successfully"


      I get the first message box and then I can both see and open the exported file.  But the macro jumps out at that point and the file does not open as it should.  Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you!