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    Qlik Sense Desktop: intermittent Mashup issue

      Qlik Sense Desktop Mashups seem a bit flaky. For example, when I create a new Mashup and add an app (e.g. "Sales Discovery.qvf"), the app's objects often aren't listed at all. When the app's objects are listed, the object preview pane often doesn't refresh when I drop the object onto the designer area as shown below. When I then attempt to "View" the Mashup, only the toolbar is rendered. This happens with Chrome, Firefox and IE. Interestingly, when I run Fiddler to try and debug the issue, the issue goes away and the Mashup works as expected. Could this be thanks to the slight response delay incurred by running the Fiddler HTTP proxy and therefore point to a timing issue or race condition bug in Qlik Sense? Does anyone else experience the same issue? UPDATE: Interestingly, adding a List or Hypercube to the Mashup also causes the Mashup to not render, this time despite running Fiddler.