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    Templates in QlikView - hot or not?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a general question:

      I have been asked by our management to think over the general design and layout of our Team-Apps in order to make it all simpler (still ... ) and clearer - about as interesting as a tax bill, but ok. There might be something in it ...


      Anyway - I know about the possibility to create templates for specific types of objects in QlikView - in general. I don't know details about it, I never worked with it because our external consultant told me they were not quite reliable and thus not very advisable to use. That, however, was a while ago, so it might be better now.

      Can you tell me about your experiences with templates? They would undoubtedly make the re-design of all our existing apps a lot easier.

      Thanks a lot!


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          Friedrich Hofmann

          ... another point that just comes to my mind, equally important:


          => If and when I define templates for, say, > listboxes/ buttons < - is there any way I can create a button that looks different from the template?

          I have made some few experiences with templates which lead me to believe that it's a one_way_street and once you define any templates, there is no way to circumvent them ...