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    Incemental Load difficulties

      Dear all,


      I am trying to perform an incremental load where Qlikview needs to check whether the next Excel data sheet should be loaded or not.

      The first part of the filename (YYYYMM) should be compared with vIncrementalExpression, which will be 0 if the qvd doens't exist or the max YYYYMM.
      Problem is that Qlikview skips this comparison. So in the script stated below, it has vIncrementalExpression = 0, vFileBaseName = 201301 but does not compare the two and directly goes to the next file without performing te CALLs.

      Does someone know why the if statement is skipped?




      For each vFileName in FileList('C:\Users\Data\QVData\Factuurgegevens\*.xlsx')


        LET vFileBaseName = SubField(Subfield('$(vFileName)', '\', -1), 'Factuurregels', 1);


        IF $(vFileBaseName) > $(vIncrementalExpression) THEN



        CALL Laden_Output1;

        CALL Laden_Output2;




        NEXT vFileName