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    API - Recreate 'Add Column' button in Table object

      Hi all,


      configuration for custom extensions typically uses separate sections for dimensions and measures, using code like this:


      dimensions: {

        uses: "dimensions",

        min: 1,

        max: 1


      measures: {

        uses: "measures",

        min: 1,

        max: 1



      The 'table' object has a button, 'Add Column', which when clicked, allows the user to specify a dimension OR a measure.  The user can do this repeatedly, and each dimension or measure is then a column in the table.


      I want to create a table where the last column uses a measure to draw a mini-chart.  (as a separate configurable item)


      I know I can add dimensions and measures (as separate 'groups'), but I want to be able to allow the user to specify them in order, like the 'table' object.


      Is this possible?


      Thanks a lot,