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    Using toggle button to set show system fields?

    Mike Czerwonky



      We have a health care related document with patient information.
      One of my objects is a chart table that has 4 dimensions and 3
      expressions.  We have created a button to toggle a variable and "de-identify" the
      dimension fields and use 4 alternate fields to display data on the screen.
      However, if one of the end users selects a value in one of
      the expression columns of the chart table, it adds the original dimension
      field names into the current selections box, thus revealing the desirably
      hidden data.   We have a need to be able to toggle the fields that
      will show up in the current selection box.  When the button is selected to
      identify, we want the patient data to appear, when it is set to de-identify, we
      need to the fields to be hidden and only show the alternate fields.


      It should be noted that if a user selects a value in the dimension column,
      it only displays the correct fields desired.  It is only when the user
      selects a value in one of the expression columns that it drops the
      undesirable fields in the current selection box.


      We have explored using hide prefix, but it only allows us one state or
      the other based on the show systems field checkbox.  It seems that you
      should be able to create a button to alter the Show Systems Fields
      checkbox.  Does anyone have a solution that would solve
      this or know of an external plug in that might accomplish this.



      Thanks in advance for any assistance  

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          Mike Czerwonky

          Well I have come up with a solution to my problem.  I created a button that I use to set multiple actions,  First I toggle a variable from 0 to 1, then use a select possible action with expression to evaluate if my identifiable fields currently have values in the current selection box.  If so, I select the comparable de-identified field.  Then I use an action to clear the specific fields I want to clear.  The expression allows me to evaluate the variable and reverse the action just be toggling the button.  I do not need hide prefix nor am I using any system fields.


          I solved the other half of my problem by laying a transparent text box over the expression columns so that the end user could not select the values.