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    Expanded pivot/ straight tables

    Satish Kamath

      Hi All


      Is there any way to display pivot/straight table expanded from initially.




      Region     Q1      Q2      Q3     Q4

      East         3          7        -        2

      West        4          1        -        1

      North        6          8        -        3

      South        3          3       -         7

      End user have option to select Quarters, so results set pop up. Here in Q3 there are no values so does not pop up whole column.


      So what is the way so end user can see as below(like template) first than all values as above chart as he/she select Quarters


      Region     Q1      Q2     Q3     A4






      Thanking you in advance

        • Re: Expanded pivot/ straight tables
          Jonathan Poole

          If this is for a qlikview application, go to the presentation tab and enable 'always fully expanded'.


          For your described need you may to go to the dimension tab for the quarter dimension and select 'show all values' . On the presentation tab, unselect 'supress zero values' so that it shows even if there is no data. 


          (by default in qlikview charts, suppress zeros is turned on)