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    Working in t is a best practice?

    Eddy Sanchez

      Hi all


      In QV I used to work in various folders and subfolders contained qvw's, flat files, qvd's. The access point map the folder and the Category.


      In Qlik Sense I'm working in Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps\SubFolder\... contained qvf's, flat files, qvd's, Is it correct to work like that? is it a best practice? is it possible working like QV in another folders?



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          Pierce Barber



          If you're Qlik Sense Desktop, you can't move where you place the QVFs, but the other files can be in other folders just like QlikView. You can make Data connections to those folder locations.


          Below is a link to some very helpful videos and information. I would suggest reviewing them and you have any other questions or concerns we will be more than happy to try to answer them.


          New to Qlik Sense Videos


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