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    Help with where clause

      I want to exclude certain values from a field in my table. Right now, I'm already using a where clause, " where Location equal like 'M*'


      But I also need another where clause that only brings in the bolded products but since 93UK is in california and not a 'MO' location. It also should not be brought in. What function could i use to do include two where clauses?


      Product, Location

      11LB, MO-11

      12JK, MO-12

      93UK, California

      BA193, Florida

      AB197, Louisiana

      LA102, Kentucky

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          Jean-Pierre Bakhache



          What is the condition you're using to identify the products in bold ?

          You will need to use "and" so it considers both of these conditions for the same record in the where clause.


          Theoretically, if you have an additional flag that indicates a bold product, your code could look like this:


          Load Product, Location

          from  ...

          where Location like 'M*' AND Product_Bold = 1;


          If this doesn't answer the request, it would be helpful if you can clarify more.

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            Prashant Sangle



            If you want to load only Those product whose location start with M


            then write

            Load *

            from tablename

            where wildmatch(Location,'M*')


            It will load only those location which started M or m


            If you want to apply any other condition then use And / Or Keyword as per requirement.



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              jagan mohan rao appala



              Try like this


              Load Product, Location

              from  ...

              where Location like 'M*' AND Match(Product, '11LB', '12JK', '93UK');