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    QlikView Document Administrators in NTFS Authorization

      Hello.. I am trying to set document administration access (to create tasks and distribute) to my developers.. I have a clustered QlikView Servers (Version 11) and QlikView publisher running on a different machine. After some research i found that this can be done with "Document Administrators" group..

      I have created a windows group called "QlikView Document Administrators" on the QlikView server and did the following..

      - Mapped Local Directory to the Local server (to be able to search and add groups from my windows server)

      - In system->Setup->QlikView->Folder access, i added QlikView Document Administrators windows group in "Document Administrators" section..

      - In system->distribution services->publisher->General , for the source document path added the QlikView Document Administrators windows group in "Document Administrators" section. I added my user name to the group..


      With the above configuration, when going to QMC, i can see the page but when clicking on Source documents or User document links, the page is empty (attached some screenshots)..

      Please Note that when i added my user name directly in QMC Manage Users window (capture 1), everything works as expected.. I do want to manually add user names directly in QMC in document administrators sections in server and publisher page, Instead i just want to maintain one windows group..


      Would you know what am i missing here and why is this not working?..