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    Failed to connect to QlikView Server

    Giorgia Michieli

      Hi all,

      I found this warning in QMC:


      WarningFailed to connect to QlikView Server. This error is most likely because the server is not contactable or that the account the QlikView Distribution Service is running as is lacking permissions. Address=wgeadl36qsc001:4747, Exception=System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond

         at QlikTech.NetClient.QvClient.GetMessageDataFromSocket(Byte[] buffer, Double timeout)

         at QlikTech.NetClient.QvClient.GetMessageSizeFromSocket(Double timeout)

         at QlikTech.NetClient.QvClient.Open()

         at QVSWrapper.QlikViewServer..ctor(Action`2 i_Logger, String i_Hostname, Int32 i_Port, Mode i_Mode, Boolean i_Https)

         at QlikTech.QlikViewServerConnection..ctor(Action`2 i_Logger, String i_Address, String i_Username, String i_Password)

         at QlikTech.QVSHelper.GetQlikViewServerConnection(String i_ForPath, String& o_RelativePath, String i_Username, String i_Password)

      WarningCould not connect. Type=QlikView Server, Path=qvp://wgeadl36qsc001/. Exception=System.Exception: Could not connect! Path=qvp://wgeadl36qsc001/ ---> System.Exception: GetQlikViewServerConnection returned null

         at QlikTech.DMS.Connect(String i_Path)

         --- End of inner exception stack trace ---

         at QlikTech.DMS.Connect(String i_Path)

         at QDSMain.FileSystemPluginHelper.CreateInstanceOfPluginHandlingPath(ILogBucket i_LogBucket, String i_Path, String i_Username, String i_Password, LogMessage i_LogMessage, LogFileProgress i_LogFileProgress)

      WarningFileSystem Plugin was not found - No operations will be executed! Path=qvp://wgeadl36qsc001/
      WarningCould not connect to QVS. QVS=qvp://wgeadl36qsc001/
      WarningCould not connect. QVS=qvp://wgeadl36qsc001/
      InformationTrying to distribute. QVS=qvp://wgeadl36qsc002/


      InformationPerformance data (CopyFile): Connecting to QVS. (0), DMSAccessRules=2 (0), Uploading file: AL_VT_01_FCVita/AL_VT_01_FCVitaFull.qvw (16), Write complete. (1094656 bytes processed) (187)
      WarningQVS Distribution failed to distribute to one or more nodes in the QVS Cluster, but one node completed with success. NodeCount=1
      WarningDistribution reported warnings for resource "AL_VT_01_FCVitaFull_QVS_1" (QlikViewServerDistributionResource). Warnings=6
      WarningDistribution to resources reported warnings. Warnings: 7




      structure with 2-node server cluster and publisher. Please see attached files.

      I found same warning for many scheduled documents. I try to reload right now some qvw from QMC and warning appears again.


      It depends on what? Thank you