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    Calculation on cumulative data

    Emilien Petrini

      Hello everyone,


      I have a little problem on a calculation that I have to carry on to accumulate data for my calculation.


      MoisNCLivraisonsPPMNC cumulLivraisons cumulPPM cumulPPM cumul fais avec Excel


      In Qlikview I added two column NC Cumul =sum(NC) and Livraisons cumul (Livraisons) = sum(Livraison) and for this two expression i have checked Cumul = Cumul total


      When I want to calculate my last column PPM Cumul i did PPM Cumul = =([NC cumul]/[Livraisons cumul])*1000000

      This works for the first line, but the following it does not make me the calculation with the cumulative data I find with Qlikview 97 and the correct result should be 80.49 = (2605/32364158) 1000000 * (see last column calculate result with Excel )


      Thank you in advance for your lights!