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    Help with ignoring a field

      Is there a way to ignore a field? I had two tables and I joined them into one to be able to do a side by side comparison. For example, I have a two date fields in a table now. One is FutureDate and one is PastDate.


      FutureDate (i.e 201440, 201441) is for forecasts in the future for 20 weeks.

      PastDate (201340, 201341) is for sales in the past for 2 years back


      I used the 'Future Date-100 as PastDate'  in order to be able to do side by side comparison.


      But now I need the Sales with its original date ... what is the best way to go about doing this? Changing the way it is modeled in the script or using a set analysis?


      All I need is 4 weeks of actual sales from current week and 10 weeks of future forecasts in a graph. So if current week was 201440, I would need actual sales for 201439, 201438, 201437, and 201436 and then I would need forecast for 201440 to 201450 in one graph.



      Any suggestions? or advice?