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    Log date problem

    Valeriy Shylin


      I experience a problem: the QMC shows the log entries with unrecognized dates.

      You can see the attached screenshot with some dates unrecognized:


      It is clearly a date format problem: the Windows regional settings set the "M/d/yyyy" date format.

      The log files are actually created correctly. But the dates are not parsed correctly: the days are switched with months.


      When I open the log entry, the log page remains empty. The drop down list, however, recognizes correctly the dates, but their logs are not displayed anyway in the QMC:



      How to solve this problem? Does Qlikview Server have any time format setting?

      Should I change the Windows regional settings and restart the services (or the whole server or just IIS)?

      I tried replicating this issue on another machine and basically failed. It seems that Windows regional settings don't have any impact on this problem.