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    Script Help ???

    Amit Saini

      Hi Folks ,


      I'm having script like below:


      Set vPlant = '*';  (For reading all the plants)


      Set vQVD = '..\..\QV_QVD';


      Set vSRC = '..\..\QV_SRC';


      Set vQVDGlobal = '..\..\QV_QVD';

      Set vQVDGlobal = '..\..\QV_QVD\Global';

      execute cmd.exe /C copy  $(vQVD)\*.* $(vQVDGlobal)\*.* /y;


      set vQVD = $(vQVDGlobal);




      EXIT Script;



      Here in this script instead of reading all plants (Set vPlant = '*';) , I want to read only few of them.


      I tried with this:


      for each vPlant in 'Plant1','Plant2' but it's not working.


      Any suggestion how to achieve this.