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    How to keep the multi-line headers when exporting to excel?

    Steve Lord

      Hi, I have some reports where the headers have 2-4 words, but the data below is mostly single digit stuff, so I set the headers to be 2-lines and let the columns be a little narrow.  When I export to excel, the headers all go back to one line and often last part of the header is hidden under the header to the right.


      How do I get excel to keep the headers wrapped?


      Presently, the headers are 'Logged'  'Logged, Goal Met', 'Logged, Goal Not Met', '0 Logged' and when the headers unwrap, they just look like Logged Logged Logged Logged.  Confusing to leave them like that, and annoying to have to format/wrap text row 1 on every export.  Interim workaround will be me rearranging or shortening labels but generally wondering if I can get the formatting to stick on export.


      Other slightly less annoying one, is how do I get the commas to stick in the numbers when exporting to excel?  I can understand not keeping commas when exporting to csv, but should be good to keep them going to excel right?  We do have some seven to twelve digit numbers in some totals here and there and people sometimes ask for commas back in their numbers.


      Maybe least annoying one is when I have numbers left aligned in qlikview to keep them under their headers, and excel right-aligns them.  I'd like it to cut that out too and just let all my formatting stay like it is in the qlikview...  csv can strip it down for necessity, but no need for excel to do that...