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    Section Access limitation of 1M rows?

      Section Sccess has started truncating my data set now that my app has expanded beyond 1 million rows.


      The "hierarchy" of my data looks like this


      Client Group



                     Case Attribute A

                     Case Attribute B



      where Section Access is implemented on the level of the bolded underlined text above which is a 1:n relationship. A Client has many Cases but a Case belongs explicitly to a Client. Users are assigned access per Client + Case combination.


      A few weeks ago the app expanded beyond 1 million Cases and that's when this issue started occurring. Here is the symptom.


      > I reload the app (1,002,500 unique Cases)

      > Save the qvw (still 1,002,500 unique Cases)

      > Close QlikView and reopen the qvw (now exactly 1,000,000 unique Cases)


      If I were to reload again without closing QlikView I would be brought back to 1,002,500 Cases.



      Anyone encountered a similar issue?