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    Variable in Straight Table calling Selected Value



      I have an expression:




      The expression returns BRAND_NAME from several values that can be filtered from a separate table:









      Is there a way to write the expression so instead of having “DRUG_ONE” hard-coded in the expression, it is a variable that inserts the selection from the BRAND_NAME table?


      So, if a user selects BRAND_NAME > DRUG_THREE, then QV automatically inserts “DRUG_THREE” in the expression and returns the correct filtered value.


      I would prefer not to use the BRAND_NAME external filter for this.  I would like to make it function from the expression.


      Is this possible?


      Thanks, JV

        • Re: Variable in Straight Table calling Selected Value

          Not sure i got your question quite right but the way qlikview works is if you dont mention anything about the Brand name in your set it defaults to all brands. when user selects a brand from the list box the result will be for the selected brand.


          Sum({<[4_WEEK_ROLLING_RETAIL]={"P4WTY"}>} TRX_QTY_NORM)

          this expression will gives the result for the selected brand and all sales when no brand is selected.

          please post more details if this is not what your expecting.