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    Overview of tasks in Management Console

    Anna Bergendal

      How can I best get an overview of the tasks that are set up to run QV applications in Management Console? I would like to get an overview of the times that the apps are scheduled to run and how long they take - in purpose of knowing when to safely set up reboots on the machine.


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          Brett Bleess



          The only means to do this is to go to the Qlikview Management Console (QMC) and use the Status -> Tasks view and right click on the QDS resource and choose Expand All option, which will expand the entire list and show you streams via indentations of things.  This view will show the last execution as well as next execution timestamps as well and the status of the last run too.  The other thing to utilize would be the QMC Help, which is the 'Help' text in the upper right corner of any page in the QMC, it is context sensitive to the page you are viewing. 


          You can also see the task history for any given task by clicking the Show Task Details link in the Status -> Tasks view, but this is a single task view, so you would need to cycle through each task to see the history and on the Task Details tab, it does provide an average run-time value, but you would want to include a buffer there for future growth of data etc.  There are also some applications available that may provide further information, the Governance Dashboard or the System Monitor applications. 


          I hope this helps, but if you can provide some further specifics, I might be able to go into further detail.  The other option would be to look at the QMS APIs as well and write your own utility to gather what you need.  Here is a link to a starting point for that: QlikView Management API - Getting Started and Examples