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    Showing text fields with direct discovery

    Fabian Heidenstecker



      i have a question regarding direct discovery.

      I connected a crm database to QlikView. Users can create Activity Reports in this CRM


      My requirement is to show what they have entered for the current day, so i want to use direct discovery.
      I Implemented it, and it works. My question is, what is the best way to show texts?


      If i define the database text field as Dimension, it is not updated via direct discovery.

      If i define it as Detail, i can display the text in a table box, which looks rather strange.

      If i define it as Measure, i don't know how to show this field, because i don't really understand, what expression i should use to display that in a text box for instance.


      Does anyone have experience in displaying text values via direct discovery?


      I would appriciate your input!


      Cheers from Germany,