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    QlikSense Map - Select KPI that is shown on the map?

    Roland Vecera



      I just started playing with the QlikSense Map-object, and tried to achieve a basic requirement: A user should select ONE KPI that is shown on the KML-area map.


      As you can see in the screenshot below, I achieved my goal, but it was much more complicated than I was expecting. Therefor I wanted to ask some questions if I misunderstand some concepts of QlikSense.


      Here what I did:


      - Map definition was pretty easy. While I'm in Edit-Mode I was also able to drag a first measure onto the map. It's not very elegant that I had to manually activate the "color-legend" "by measure" --> this should be done automatically, but I could live with that.

      - When I tried to drag another field on the map, I always got an error message. See below. I had to change the expression manually. Why is this?

      Qlik Sense Desktop_2014-10-03_14-16-39.png - IrfanView_2014-10-03_14-18-08.png





      What I don't understand is, how a user can easily change the measure while he is not in EDIT-Mode. I achieved it by:


      - Loading a dataisland field with my KPI-Fieldnames

      - Using the expression "Sum([$(=only(Felder))])" in the map (see screenshot 1)

      - Add the dataisland field  to the layout. Unfortunately I don't have an option "one selected value", which makes the listbox difficult to use (first deselect the old, then select the new KPI)


      I'm not quite sure if I misuse QlikSense here, but I thought this requirement would be an easy win for QlikSense. What I now did is basically the same approach I would do in QlikView.



      See my expression on the dataisland field hiere:

      Qlik Sense Desktop_2014-10-03_14-10-29.png


      Whole Application: Select a KPI in the upper listbox to show it on the map.

      Qlik Sense Desktop_2014-10-03_14-01-41.png