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    Parameterised variable as a string

    Peter Turner



      I'm trying to create a parameterised variable 'My_Function' and pass it a whole bunch of filters to be used in set analysis.

      The problem is that the filters have a comma ',' between them for use in set analysis, and the function treats this as a separator for multiple variables.


      Example parameterised variable 'My_Function':

      SUM( {<$1> } Quantity)


      I would call this function with:


      There would actually be 5+ filters and afew different combinations of them.

      Where vDateFilter=   Date = {"<=$(vMaxDate)"}

      and vType= [LinkType] = {01}



      What QlikView actually does is:

      SUM( {<Date = {"<=$(vMaxDate)"}> } Quantity) and this will evaluate ok and produce a value, but the other filters such as vType do not get passed over.


      I'd like QlikView todo this

      SUM( {<Date = {"<=$(vMaxDate)"}, [LinkType] = {01} > } Quantity)


      I have tried adding the comma into a variable called vComma and passing $(vDateFilter)$(vComma)$(vType)

      Also tried various combinations of dollar expansion and quotes etc, but just not getting what I'm looking for.


      Any suggestions?