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      • Re: want to customize governance dashboard, Please let me  know hidden script password.
        Tyler Waterfall

        The decision was made to not allow the editing of (or access to) the hidden script, mainly to protect Intellectual Property and to maintain a certain level of supportability.


        To add data to the Governance Dashboard, you have two options:

        1. If you can run script at the beginning use the UserConfig script as a script inclusion mechanism. See the help for more info about UserConfig but keep in mind that you can just add whatever load script that you want there (except “BINARY….”). You can find some basic documentation on the UserConfig script here.
        2. If you must run something after everything else, you must save a copy of the governance dashboard.qvw, remove the hidden script, add a binary statement to the existing gov dashboard, and proceed with your scripting. Far from elegant, but it should work for cases where you want to “post-process” the data model in the Governance Dashboard.  See below for instructions on how to remove the hidden script.

        Removing Hidden Script from Governance Dashboard:

        1. Create a copy of the Governance Dashboard, calling it GovernanceDashboardNoScript.qvw
        2. Create a new folder named “GovernanceDashboardNoScript-prj” in the same folder as the new .qvw from step 1
        3. Open GovernanceDashboardNoScript.qvw, click SAVE, then close it.
        4. You should now have many xml and other files in the –prj folder
        5. Delete the DocBinary.dat file (contains the load script)
        6. Open GovernanceDashboardNoScript.qvw again and click OK on the warning message
        7. Save and close the app
        8. Delete the PRJ folder
        9. No you have an app without a script > in which you could use a BINARY statement to load in (and modify/add to) the Governance Dashboard data model.