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    Conditional dimension on extension

    Thibaut Lorimier

      Hello community,


      I'm currently working on QlikView and especially on Extension inside QlikView.


      I wanted to ask if it is possible to put condition on each dimension in an extension object.


      For example i've got 3 dimensions :

      A , B , C


      And i want to put a condition on B where the condition is getPossibleCount(A) = 1

      and for C the following condition : getPossibleCount(B) < 10


      I know it is possible to do this in QlikView Chart (you can put on each dimension a condition) but for extension object i didn't find the option.


      So my question is there a workaround to put condition on each dimension ? Or can we implement the option "Condition on each Dimension" inside the extension object (like Chart)  ?